Gabrielle Jewelry x Lela Rose Laurel Earring


Color: Gold

            •  • 14K gold 3D Floral Earring
            • • Featuring Floral Applique from Lela Rose Bridal style, "The Beaufort"
            •  Approximately 1.2" L x 1.2” W
            • • All Gabrielle Jewelry x Lela Rose Designs are handmade in San Francisco, CA and Raleigh, NC.
            • • Care: Can be polished and cared for at home, with gold jewelry cleaning solution, the same as any gold piece.
            The New Heirlooms | In this stunning new collaboration, San Francisco-based artist, jeweler, and metalsmith Gabe Bratton Hall takes the gorgeous gossamer hand-made laces from Lela Rose's celebrated Bridal Collections and renders them into exquisite fine-spun silver and gold adornments. Lovingly made by hand, using a centuries old lost wax casting method, these pieces are both refined and romantic, sophisticated and bohemian, perfect for the big day—and everything that comes after.