Happy (Almost?!) Spring, Pearl Girls!

While officially calling it "spring" might be jumping the gun as far as the calendar is concerned, when it comes to the collection—you all have been fully embracing this fabulous new season! I am absolutely loving what you're all doing with this collection, from shopping innovations to fabulous styling. I had so much fun with you all—selling together at The Southern C Summit in St Simons Island, GA and in Jackson Hole over Presidents Day Weekend and I'm SO proud of the beautiful Worlds of Pearl you all keep building. We started this season with a bang, let's take it into March with a roar!


Lela Rose


Feminine Comeback

One of my favorite trends this season is the "feminine comeback". People are starting to dress up again, even for casual occasions, and (needless to say) we Pearl Girls are here for it! We've always stayed true to our elegant, feminine DNA but this season's mix of classic and blushing palettes, elevated ruffles and blouson details, and stunning lace + embroidery really lean into all things romantic + ladylike.

Technology Tip

Ashley Edwards

This month we're proud to feature Beaumont Pearl Stylist Ashley Edwards who was committed to trying something new for this season's shows: moving from paper appointments to digital. Making the leap to using QR codes/You Can Book Me! was a bit of a learning curve: "I told myself I would not get up from my chair until I had figured it out... and by lunchtime I had SEVEN new appointments with brand new clients!". As a bonus, she can still manually enter appointments made the old fashioned way and the app automatically sends a confirmation email. You're well on your way to the Supper Club, Ashley!

Pearl Girls In Their Own Words

Behind The Magic at 5 Fabulous Shows


Cindi Shelby
Oklahoma City

"Out of 106 clients who came to see spring 105 bought. They loved the clear colors of this collection. I used color to get the clients in by texting photos of someone's favorite color and saying 'you love green and you are going to love these clothes.' The knits were a total hit. I folded my knits on the table next to the flowers and we made a stop to choose knits to try on. The key is to get your client in a pant sample that fits and then to play with tops and sweaters. Every client had at least one sweater on her order."- Cindi Shelby

Caroline Poellnitz & Susan Waggoner

"Social media as a whole did wonders for me personally. I think our local influencer, Mary Glenn McElveen (@mgstyle) was instrumental to our success. Everyone seemed to mention the photos of her even if she wasn’t the "reason: they came by. They would try on things she wore that they wouldn’t have normally tried on. I am not someone who likes to self promote, but showing a "real" body in the clothes is always so helpful. At night I would try on the clothes (and take photos) in an effort to sell to out of town friends/clients who couldn’t come by. I later used those same photos to post on Instagram. Honestly a lot of my clients bought things just based on those photos! I had to put aside my modesty in order to sell😜. Honestly, all of us have different strengths and together it to work great!"- Caroline Poellnitz

Melissa Sugulas & Jen Swallen

"I credit this show's success to Jen helping do all of the organizational and background work so I was free to focus fully on selling. Jen lined up and confirmed the appointments and acted as an assistant during the sale. Without Jen I had clients falling through the cracks because my strength is styling and selling! Jen used the client data sorted by date of last order to make sure that clients came in. I also created a linen cocktail napkin bar in the colors of the collection: clients could choose 4 napkins in their favorite color after the appointment. The napkins provided a real incentive to buy and it was hard for clients to narrow down their choices so they bought more than usual!"- Melissa Sugulas

Lindy Penny
Fort Worth

"There was as much excitement as we had at our very first show. We were just on a roll! Social engagement was key for us. I did an Instagram post every day and worked on increasing our followers by asking to follow everyone we invited to the show (and then they invited us to follow them :). We have more than 900 followers now! We also hosted a "Sunday Funday" event with mimosas for some beloved returning customers and we'll definitely do it again. Our returning customers who typically bought 1 to 2 pieces were buying 3 to 4 pieces because the clothes were so cute!" - Lindy Penny

Blair Scheuer & Stephanie Fountaine

"Time flies when you are having fun and we sure had fun and made it fun for our customers!"- Stephanie

"I could go on and on about the show and the collection but one of my clients said it best when she sent me this text about the collection:

'It is actually reminding me of something my grandmother told me once. She said: if you were ever unsure whether to buy a piece of clothing, you should ask your self 'is it pretty?' and if the answer isn’t yes then walk away. She is so right! Everything that I buy that is 'pretty' I love and generally if I buy things because they are 'cool' or whatever adjective that isn’t pretty I regret it. There is SO much pretty here!'"- Blair

Stephanie and Blair also want to share how much they are missing their partner Margaretta Leary, who decided to retire to spend more time with her grandchildren. Sending best wishes to the best-dressed grandmother on the block!


First Friday Reveiw

We had such a fun time on our behind-the-scenes "First Friday" call! The HQ team shared a lot about the logistics of wrangling inventory for shows, Betsy shared a sneak peek of Summer 2022 from the Lela Fabric Archives, and Chloe gave a great rundown on how to utilize and post image assets on Dropbox. If you missed it, never fear! We've got the recording for you here so you can get the intel. .


New 2022 Editorial Assets

Check out your Dropbox (Chloe's First Friday talk has you covered if you need a little crash course reminder in how best to use it :) for gorgeous just-dropped assets from our Spring 2022 NoLa shoot. New silhouettes, gorgeous locations, and fresh colorways: perfect for reaching out to your top clients.