October 2, 2015

I was approached about hosting an event supporting MAD Symposium and jumped at the opportunity to have René Redzepi cook in my home. I went to NOMA, Rene's famed restaurant in Copenhagen a few years ago and was in love with his ideas, creativity, and, of course, the incredible food. I knew I needed to dress my table in something as creative to match, so I asked the incredible paper artist, Daniel Sean Murphy, to make white paper herbs to line the table. They were truly beautiful and sublime! 

The line up of chefs for this meal also included Dan Barber, Daniel Boulud, Roy Choi, and Daniel Patterson. Needless to say, this was way more of an all-star line up than my kitchen is used to. In addition, these chefs are some of the most forward thinkers on sustainability, environmentalism, and world issues related to food. I love a good dinner party, but the added bonus of a party with a purpose is often the best kind!