MARCH 4, 2015

Texas travels have been numerous in the news lately…most of the places being covered are the ones you know; Dallas, Austin, and Marfa. Waxahachie (WOK-sah-HATCH-ee) on the other hand is still a hidden gem!

 A couple of months ago, we were driving to our family ranch in Italy, TX and stopped for Bar-B-Que in Waxahachie. On a whim, I went to check out the historic town square and limestone courthouse. In its heyday, Waxahachie was a hub of activity and was dotted with many grand Victorian style homes. One spot worth nothing is Webb Art Gallery - only open on Saturdays and Sundays, when convenient.

 Truly, this is a place to behold. The owners, Julie & Bruce Webb, opened the gallery in 1987 focusing on self-taught artists. I have made several trips back and just keep adding to my collection of Carl Block face jugsCamp Bosworth hand carved Tequila bottles, and more.

 If you’re going to take a trip to Texas, make sure to stop here. I can’t get enough!