July 22, 2015
Since National Tequila Day is this Friday, July 24th, I felt it was only appropriate to highlight one of my personal favorites, Casa Dragones. Originated in Mexico, this is one of the best tequilas out there and Bertha, the co-founder, is fabulous! Enjoy our tequila talk below!
1. What inspired you to create Casa Dragones?
I worked in the tequila industry for over a decade before starting Casa Dragones with my partner Bob Pittman, founder of MTV and current CEO of iHeart Media. Together, we set on a quest to develop a true sipping tequila, with no “wince factor.” Our mission was to push the boundaries of what had been done in the tequila industry: to create a tequila so smooth, it could only be called a sipping tequila.
2. What is unique about Casa Dragones?
The signature taste of Casa Dragones tequilas makes us truly unique: one sip of either Casa Dragones Joven or Blanco and you’ll immediately taste the difference. We’ve achieved this by designing an ultra-modern process of elaboration, including the way we harvest, our multi-column distillation and our state-of-the-art water purification method; to deliver exceptionally smooth, clean tasting tequilas. And because we produce in very small batches of no more than 500 cases at a time, we can maintain the strictest quality control and meticulous attention to detail that results in the highest possible quality.
3. What is your favorite drink to make using CD?
I’m definitely a purist. So my preference is to either sip Casa Dragones Joven neat, to fully experience the complex, smooth taste, or to enjoy Casa Dragones Blanco on the rocks with a twist of grapefruit, which allows the subtle citrus notes to shine through.
4. If you could be anywhere in the world sipping tequila, where would it be?
For me, there’s no more magical place than La Casa Dragones in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The town itself has so much history, yet is so elegant. Our house, which was the original 17th Century stables of the Dragones cavalry, embodies the sophistication of our uniquely smooth tequilas. It’s charming, beautiful and the ideal spot to unwind with a glass of Casa Dragones.
5. What’s a typical day for Bertha Gonzalez Nieves?
I live between New York and Mexico City, so I’m traveling constantly. Since Mexico accounts for 50% of our sales, I’m often there for meetings or to visit the production facility in Tequila, Jalisco. I also frequently travel to our American markets, such as Dallas, Los Angeles or Miami. After a typical day of meetings in any city, I usually end up at one of our preferred accounts, such as Pujol Restaurant in Mexico City, Nomad in New York, or Culina Restaurant at the Four Seasons in LA. We also participate in many events – contemporary art, fashion and beyond— which I often attend to meet new people and introduce them to Casa Dragones.