FEBRUARY 4, 2015

I recently co-chaired a fabulous glittery event called Silver Supper at the Dallas Museum of Art. My girlfriend, Carrie Becker, asked if I would host the dinner with her to raise money for the Decorative Arts Acquisition fund of the DMA. In doing so, the event celebrates their amazing silver collection. I love any dinner that uses gilded soup tureens, ornate candlesticks, and silver goblets. Of course Carrie and I were dripping in silver for the night to match the theme! The night before, we threw a kick-off party at our Dallas boutique in Highland Park Village complete with a delicious custom cocktail, the Silver Sipper. It’s simply Champagne with a splash of elder flower and a sprig of fresh rosemary and we served them in chic silver goblets. I always love making a trip out to Dallas and this was the perfect weekend for a visit!